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BOSS 351: The Last "BOSS"


After changing hands a few times in the 80's  (Harry McClean of Spokane, Washington and Jon Whittington of Champaign, Illinois), this registry officially began in 1988 with Jon's help. Please e-mail us with any of your thoughts and observations on this website and this great and truly under appreciated "true" musclecar. 

We will continue to update frequently so please come back.

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Who we are


Bret Matteson -           Raynham, MA       USA


Steve Collins -             Jacksonville, FL    USA


Terry "TR" Richard -       Ponte Vedra, FL   USA



What we do


We are trying to enlighten people about this rare and very special muscle car.  We all feel it has been under appreciated and therefore undervalued for too long.  To us, this engine represented FORD's pinnacle design for small blocks to this day. Whether on the strip or on the street, this engine had few challengers in stock trim.  As far as the body design, it was no doubt big but it also looked powerful, racy and aggressive. Those of us who love this body style adore it. It was perfect for the the times.



What we have to share


Each of us has owned a BOSS 351 for over 20 years. We used to get tired of seeing just us with these cars at car shows during the years so we decided to band together to celebrate this one of a kind muscle car.

Bret has owned and sold over 25. He was the original "Boss Man" before Bob Perkins. Steve is currently restoring two. One of them being the most highly optioned BOSS 351 so far that has been located in the registry.  It's color is black with black Mach 1 sports interior.

We hope to provide:

Statistical information: Collecting build sheets for the past 13 years. Now with Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works (who has access to FORD files) information is becoming more available, detailed and accurate.

Others Owners experiences: Driving; Mechanical

Continue to find "articles of the day" (Magazine articles which evaluated the BOSS).



How to contact us


Email us at any time. We will do our best to get back with you in a timely manner. Remember, we are on Eastern Standard Time.  


             Steve's email, TR's email, Bret's email

                    Steve & Stacy CollinsTR & Barbara (Samantha & Jake)

                    2001: MCA 25th show Commerce, GA



"Sharing the information we gather on this Website"


This registry will not disclose any information you provide for any reason without your permission!

 We will not sell, rent, or exchange any of the information you provide to a third party. 

Further, we will not send you unsolicited e-mail messages ("spam") using your e-mail address. All data collected is for the sole use of the BOSS 351 & '72 HO Registries and its' members.

Note: Any pictures copied from this site require our express permission








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