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Assembly Line "Factory" Differences  (Faux pas)

The following is a sort of "Ripley's believe it or not" rendition of changes that FORD production personnel supposedly made to the cars while they were on the assembly line. The top row column represents what should have been on a factory correct BOSS 351. The indented row represents what was substituted. 

Below represents information from a few original owners who swear that when they first received their BOSS from the Ford dealership, this is how their car looked.


FACTORY "Correct" on BOSS 351.
 FORD Mistake/Substitution on assembly line:


Tailpipes that turn down just in front of the rear.
 Mach 1 type exhaust pipes which exited straight out of the valance panel.
Large fan shroud for 351 Cleveland.
Substitute 429 Mach 1 fan shroud (thinner).           
Contrasting paint on hood around hood locks 
Mach 1 hood treatment (curves in around NASA hood on NASA hood scoops (almost completely covers hood).
Twist off "running horse" gas cap 
(Mach 1 gas cap (pop open)).
"Ram Air" decal on engine hood 
"351 Ram Air" decal.
Same paint around front fender/hood extensions. 
The chrome pieces were aftermarket.


Front Spoiler: Black (regardless of contrast color). Update: See webpage Car Corral-1 of an original owner who picked up his BOSS from the dealer with an argent spoiler.
2 vertical pedestals to hold hood opening latch 1 pedestal connects radiator support to grille. (probably due to availability or early build date.)



Slop Gray for:  Please see FAQ page for more information.


Every Boss came with a "Group 27F" Autolite battery like the big-blocks. Not "Group 24F"


"Caution Fan" decal did not exist on top of fan shroud.  Every original owner agrees.


No Boss 351 oil cooler was factory.  None reported.


Air Cleaner Lid did not have any decal on it.  Every original owner agrees on this one too.

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