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 Miscellaneous Documents and Information:



New owners of BOSS 351's  received this supplement guide from FORD upon purchase.

   b351-folder-pg2-3-best.jpg (100406 bytes)  b351-folder-3-4-best.jpg (84822 bytes)  b351-folder-5-6-best.jpg (91140 bytes)



Steve and I had our Hurst Competition Plus shifters rebuilt in 2000 by Mr. Gasket who now owns The Hurst Company. Provided is a document1 from Mr. Gasket that explains how much it will cost (around $90.00) and how to contact them. It takes about 3-4 weeks. Though I didn't think mine was in need of a rebuild, I had it done anyway since it is over 37 years old now. I'm glad I did. This document2  shows what needed replacement on my Hurst Competition Plus shifter.    


bulletRear Spoiler installation and Hood Paint Dimensions

Mustang Monthly (Aug '98) had an article on painting your Boss 351 hood (left/right side of hood before first paint stripe) quoted 1 1/8 in. instead of 1 5/16 in. on other BOSS 351's we have seen.  


bulletRev Limiter diagram 1 & Rev Limiter diagram 2   

The Rev limiter used was D0ZF-12450-B. It was the same one used       on the '70 Boss 302 and '70 Boss 429. This engine governor used a 3-wire harness and the engineering number printed on the cover was     "Autolite ENG  GOV 6150RPM D0ZF-12450-B". 


bulletRare Postcard featuring a BOSS 351       Back of Postcard


bulletFord Price Guide for all 1971's   Sample Page


bulletTune-up   Underside


bulletAutomotive Recall for 1971 BOSS 351   (www.alldata.com)


bullet Spec. sheet for 1971 Mustangs


bulletDrawing on how to apply decals from FORD


       Build sheet example of Boss 351 (Located under carpet)

 Build Sheet PA.jpg (69233 bytes)

        Model of Boss 351

Picture2.jpg (31683 bytes)




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