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Photo Gallery:   (Every Color) Please send us your picture.  Make sure it is a quality Polaroid (Photos will not be returned) or better yet a 35mm or Digital (JPEG or GIF) format. Please e-mail them to us. Tell us about your car. They don't all have to be restored.


                                        Untitled-11.jpg (36661 bytes)      

P Chin.   New York                                                             L. Dupuis    Michigan

(Original owner showing Argent spoiler from factory)


 Scott's_Side_view.jpg (33013 bytes)                                       

S. Kauffman    Pennsylvania   (Original Owner)                     D. Talbot   Illinois


                                        Untitled-1b.jpg (62382 bytes)

 D & J. Kraft    North Dakota                                            G. Sneed  Ohio   

(You don't see this too often  Blue with contrasting Black versus Argent).


                                        Untitled-1a.jpg (27101 bytes) Walt_Boeninger.jpg (42052 bytes)

A. Bates     Oklahoma                                                   W. Boeninger  California  (Photo on left  from 1976)


                                        Untitled-2.jpg (59346 bytes)

M. Palin    Canada                                                             E. Baca   New Mexico


                                        Untitled-221.jpg (67328 bytes)

B. Briggs    Rhode Island                                                   R. Hahn     Maryland


                                        Untitled-3.jpg (50212 bytes)

J. Montes   California                                                       F. Von Moos     Switzerland


dbirchmire.jpg (34911 bytes)                                        Untitled-4.jpg (81809 bytes)                                                                          

 D. Birchmire    New Jersey                                               J. Youngbauer   Wisconsin


Hextor Cruz.jpg (34146 bytes)                                      

H. Cruz    Puerto Rico                                                     D.  Atkinson   British Columbia,  Canada



D. Kerridge   Michigan                                                      J. Hinson    Texas


                                        Chris_Weidner.jpg (22488 bytes)

W. Stinson   British Columbia,  Canada                               C. Weidner     Texas


                                       Rich&RobertSimone2-NC.jpg (36149 bytes)                        

R.  French   Illinois                                                     Rich & Robert Simone  North Carolina     


TR-Mustang.jpg (31086 bytes)

Terry (TR) Richard  Florida


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