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How do I attain my factory (window) invoice ?

[Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works purchased all the remaining invoices from Lois Eminger a number of years ago. The cost is  $45.00 USD. The price includes priority mail delivery with delivery confirmation. His address is 12007 W. Peoria Ave,  El Mirage, AZ 85335   (623.935.2558) (623.935.2579 Fax)


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How do I attain my build sheet ?

[Good Luck! No copies of these were kept by Ford. Your best chance is to look under the carpet near or under the back seat.]

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Where can I find either correct stamps, tags / or decals to complete my restoration ?

[Osborne Reproductions of Lawrenceville, Ga (770-962-7556) has a sticker kit for around $20.00. 

The higher quality and therefore higher price can be found from Dave Walden of E.C.S. Automotive Concepts of Ellisville, MO (636-207-7767) who uses actual 3M paper (what Ford Motor Company originally used) and is licensed by Ford and offers a lot wider range of tags for various other components for the car. Both products are MCA-approved.]

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Why didn't the 1971 Boss 351 have the thermactor system as the earlier cars did?

[Advanced planning made it possible for the Boss 351 to meet and exceed all government specifications on emissions for 1971. The Improved Combustion (IMCO) system replaces the thermactor system used on the Boss 302. In the thermactor system, an air pump was used to inject additional air into the exhaust manifold to oxidize any unburned hydrocarbon. With the IMCO system, all of the emissions control is achieved by carefully calibrating the carburetor and ignition systems.]

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How do I know which Magnum 500 wheel was correct from my Boss? 

[Prior to a build date of April 2, 1971, the Magnum 500 wheels used had a part number of C9ZZ-1007-D (same as '70 BOSS 302). After this date, the Boss 351 used a Magnum 500 wheel with part number D10Z-1007-A with D1ZZ-1130-G center cap (taller). Note: The correct lug nut used on this car is C4GY-1012-A.]

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Where can I find what spare tire was correct for the Boss 351 ? Did some come with the standard F60 X 15 size?

[No.  Only the "space saver" spare tire was used (F78 X 14 BF Goodrich brand) on all 1971 Boss 351's. ]

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What are the correct color codes for the driveshaft and coil springs?

[First: The correct color codes are violet, red and yellow. They are located near the center of the drive shaft with violet near the transmission and yellow toward the rear end. Second: Front springs: one gold stripe and one white strip on each of the coils. The front shock has one white paint daub and the rears have one orange paint daub each.]

Thanks to Bob Perkins
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Where can I have the door sticker reproduced? Mine has faded? 

[Door data tags can be purchased from Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works along with Owner cards, Buck Tags, Engine ID Tags, Axle Tags and Carb Tags.]

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How do I know which exhaust manifold is right for the BOSS 351?  

[DOAE-9430-G appears on both BOSS 351 and 351C 4-bbl right side manifolds. D1ZE-9431-BA is the part number for the left side for both engines. BOSS 351 exhaust manifolds measure 2 1/4 in. at the exit port. 351C 4-bbl exhaust manifolds measure only 2 in. though I'm sure many BOSS 351's received the 351C 4V's manifolds from the factory. Refer to Mustang Monthly 5/93 for more info.]

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What parts under the hood are usually painted gray ?

[This color is commonly called "slop gray" or "batch gray paint". It can be obtained at finer auto parts stores or a close facsimile. Like in 1970, Dearborn built cars received this color on certain parts under the hood. 

1) Export Braces: Part numbers D1ZZ-16A052-ARH and D1ZZ-16A0532H.                   

2) Hood Latch Brace: D1ZZ-16707.

3) Headlight Housing Supports: D1ZZ-13BU65-B and D1ZZ-13B065-A.

4) Front License Plate Bracket.

5) Front Suspension bumper brackets D1ZZ-13BU65-A D1ZZ-13B065-B.

6) Support braces (Front fender to apron) D1ZZ-3382-B D1ZZ-3383-C.]

7) The upper shock mount cap were phosphate and oil coated. 

Thanks to Bob Perkins
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Where do I find the best article on detailing a BOSS 351 engine compartment ?

[The best article we have seen is the one titled "How to detail your Cleveland engine" by Mustang Monthly published in August 1994. We will be putting a copy on the web since it is now over 10 years old and it is not being reproduced.]

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Were there ever any "reported" specialty BOSS 351's ever built ....  like for Ford management?

[As far as we know, there was not. Unlike the BOSS 302, which has at least one confirmed BOSS with air conditioning from the factory, there was not a BOSS 351 which came from the Dearborn only factory with either air conditioning,  an automatic transmission, 3:25/3:50/4:30 rear ends or an oil cooler.]

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Where can I find information on proper jack/air canister  storage in the trunk. I've seen the air canister on top and on bottom?

[It would depend on your build date. Prior to 4/5/71, Boss 351's had the air canister mounted under the spare tire held in place by a spring. After  4/5/71, the red air canister was placed on top of the space saver spare tire.]

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Where was the BOSS 351 manufactured and how many were produced?

[Unlike 1970 where Boss 302's were built in multiple assembly plants, Boss 351's were only manufactured in Dearborn, Michigan. 

1806 were produced. 

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Correct Air Filter Element?

[The correct air filter element is the Autolite FA-50. Ford PN: C8AZ-9601-A. It's 2.80 inches tall while the FA-40 is slightly shorter at 2.22 inches tall. Both are a rare find today.]

Thanks to Bob Perkins 6/2006

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What are the correct part numbers, color and paint codes for the shocks?

[Original engineering part numbers for the '71 Boss 351 shocks are D!ZF-18045-BB for the front and DOZF-180-B1 for the rear. The shocks are painted semi gloss black, with one orange paint daub on the rear shocks and a white daub on the fronts.]

Thanks to Bob Perkins 1/2007

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Spark Plug wires: Should they say "Autolite Sipcon" or "Autolite Radio Resistance" ?

[The Boss 351 spark plug wires I have seen also have "Sipcon" rather than "Radio Resistance" on the cable. The Sipcon wires use the heavy-duty orange boots with the extra ring on the bottom of the boot, and the date codes are also a little different. I have two original Boss 351's and both wire sets are dated 4D0, for the fourth quarter of 1970. Most Autolite Radio Resistance wires are dated with a Q rather than a D. For example , 4Q9 for the fourth quarter of 1969.]

Thanks to Bob Perkins  1/2007

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Paint codes for the Magnum 500's?

[The correct paint code for the D10Z-1007 Magnum 500 is two orange daubs. The A9ZZ-1007-D magnum used on the '71 Mustang before April 2, 1971 had two white daubs on the back of the wheel.  Both daubs were located  on the very outside of the rim directly across from each other (opposite sides)]

Thanks to Bob Perkins 1/2007

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Special Paint  Side Mirrors?

[If a '70 or '71 Boss Mustang was ordered with paint that wasn't a standard Mustang color, it received the single chrome mirror on the driver's door. If the special paint was a Mustang color but not a Boss color, the car could have come with either the single chrome mirror or the color-keyed racing mirrors depending on the factory inventory of painted mirrors. The color-keyed mirrors were painted by the mirror vendor prior to mirror assembly, which prevented the use of special-paint mirrors.]

Thanks to Bob Perkins 5/2006

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When was the first and last BOSS 351 built ?

[First: Don't know. The earliest "date invoiced" on a build sheet of a Boss 351 is 11/5/70. (3 cars). 

 Last: The last invoice date on a build sheet of A Boss 351 was July 27th, 1971]

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