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Here are the pictures of my cars.  The Grabber Blue door and dash are to the Argent Boss.  I have included the photographs (or at least photographs of photographs) that were sent to me of the original body for the Argent car.  As you can see, there is not much left to salvage after a fire gets a car, and it is only 10 miles from an ocean- the rust is pretty severe!  

I also included some shots that I found in the Green car.  Apparently it was raced in its past, and the photos show at least one of its weekends at the track.  I also forgot to finish the story of the green car when I registered the car with you guys.  The person that I had bought the car from owned a Boss 302 (a white 70), and wanted more power.  So he bought the 71 Boss, and had the engine (original) pulled and built for his Boss 302.  He sold me the rest of the car, with the proviso that when he sold the Boss 302, he would remove the engine, place the original 302 back in his car, and sell me the numbers matching engine for my car.  However, when I called him last year, he said that he had sold his Boss 302---with my engine in it!  He then refused to tell me who bought it, and feigned ignorance that he had even promised to sell me my engine back!  Let me tell you, he is lucky that he was on the other end of a phone, because I wanted to reach out and touch him at that point!  If you guys have any ideas on how I could track that car, and perhaps buy my engine back, I sure would appreciate it!    -----   Tim,   We will try.

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