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Ram - Air                                                   Hurst T-Handle Shifter                        71RAM.JPG (41801 bytes)                                            closeup-t-handle-resized-rs.jpg (17630 bytes)    t-handle-top-resized-rs.jpg (19727 bytes)   (repo's) 


                                                                shifter1.jpg (26298 bytes)   Shifter-1a.jpg (30024 bytes)  (orig.)


Wiper Motor Stamping  (Re-stamped)            Hurst Shift Plate

wiper motor-resized-rs.jpg (18426 bytes)                                       shifter plate-resized-rs.jpg (49174 bytes)


 Lower Shift Boot                                            Rev Limiter  

low sft. boot-resized-rs.jpg (16058 bytes)                                         rev-limiter-resized-rs2.jpg (15085 bytes)    

lowerboot-resized-rs.jpg (13805 bytes)                                         rev-limiter closeup-resized-rs.jpg (16472 bytes)


Upper Shift Boot                                             Radiator Cap (RS-12)    

  shift_boot-rs.jpg (25011 bytes)                                               rad-cap-resized-rs.jpg (63217 bytes)  

                                                       (painted version - original is zinc plated)


"Space Saver" Spare Tire Setup 

(version dependent upon build date)                        Tire air canister:                                      

spare-tire-resized-rs.jpg (30399 bytes)                                         Tire_canister.jpg (26585 bytes)

2nd  version shown (after 4/5/71)               black cap (rare) on top was easily lost

1st version had red air canister bottle  under tire

Back-tire1.jpg (40614 bytes)   dsc491.jpg (28669 bytes)


Radiator                                                          Fan Shroud

radiator1-rs.jpg (16841 bytes)  radiator2-rs.jpg (26240 bytes)                      fanshroud.jpg (17602 bytes)  fanshroud2-rs.jpg (21077 bytes)

radiator-rs3.jpg (18922 bytes)


H-Pipe                                                            Hood Hinges  (Oil & Phosphate)  

   hpipe-rs.jpg (22747 bytes)                                         Hood hinges.jpg (25289 bytes)          


Gas Tank                                                         Shock Plates (Oil & Phosphate)

gas tank1.jpg (24991 bytes)                                          Shock Plates.jpg (12085 bytes)                                  


Ram-Air Housing & Rubber Seal                        Brake Fluid Cover 

(Rubber Seal has 9 small holes around perimeter of seal)


Ram-air-1.jpg (34765 bytes) Ram-air-2.jpg (28892 bytes)                        Brake_Cap.jpg (16275 bytes)

Ram-Air-3.jpg (23033 bytes)


Trim Rings                                             Stripes (Lower Body Side)                               

ctboss351-144.jpg (37931 bytes)                      lowerbodesidestripe.jpg (19462 bytes) lowerbodysidestripe.jpg (13579 bytes) Picture12.jpg (20966 bytes)


 Stripes (Body Side)                            Hood Locks

Picture11.jpg (21022 bytes)                             Anniv (4).jpg (98057 bytes) 


Fuel Filter                                           Drive shaft

 bd_1.jpg (22886 bytes)                              driveshaft  2.jpg (111166 bytes)





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