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This site is dedicated to all those individuals who appreciate this rare muscle car from Ford Motor Company. It was produced for one year at a time when big was better and horsepower was king. 

Unfortunately for this car, Ford pulled out of racing at the time when this car hit the showrooms and so accordingly did not receive a lot of fanfare from Ford upon its' release to the public. Where this car earned its reputation was on the street often beating cars with displacements over 100 cubic inches larger.   

Though over 35 years old now, it still is arguably the finest Mustang, pound for pound, that Ford Motor Company ever produced. In any respect, it represents an "end of an era" and it proudly holds the mantle as the the last Boss Mustang series along side its' brethren 69-70 BOSS 302 and 69-70 BOSS 429.


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