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WEBSITE: The 1st BOSS Nationals are now history. For 3 days in June at the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA.,  25 Boss 351's were there to celebrate this historic reunion. 

25 Boss 351's represents the highest turnout ever for a car show 

For those who could not attend please click here for the pictures. 

Bob Perkins could not attend so we were unable to photograph his car and possibly the lowest mileage BOSS 351. We were however fortunate to meet Chuck Weiss who attended and he brought his 3,500 mile Boss 351. Chuck was a Ford employee for over 25 years and provided us with some keen insight into Ford Motor Company's management during the early 70's when horsepower was about to become a thing of the past. His Boss 351 is actually a Ford test vehicle. Please click here for pictures of his special Boss and a car that still retains most of it's original markings, Purists should love this. 

GREAT SHOW: Thanks to Bob Wilson, David & Peggy Dixon, Bill Temple, Donald Farr, Sylvain Poirer, Mario Perrotta, Chuck Weiss, Eddie Conway, Don Kerridge, Randy Ream, Darren Beasley, Bob Conklin, Jerry Ostalecki, Greg Anderson, Jerry Hoel, Marvin Harrison, and Howard Cody.


Our best to all of you,

Steve, Bret, & TR



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