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WEBSITE: 25 new cars have been added since our last update in July. We are now over 440 cars!!   

We've updated and added a number of web pages. Enjoy. We are almost complete in finalizing the update to the Mustang Statistics  breakdown page. It should be available within the next few months. 

The  '72 "R" Code HO Mustangs now are being tracked. We have our first listing  from John Douglas from Riverview, Fl. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  There will be a Reunion of all Boss Powered cars next June 2005 for the FIRST TIME EVER at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  The Registration page to print off and mail in is on the new Boss Car Nationals web page. Otherwise go to www.boss302.com and print off their  registration page.  Pease post comments on the Guest Page on activities you would like to see planned. 

A lot of us have asked this question over the year's when this would happen. Well ... it has happened!!!  

Steve & I will be heading up the All Boss caravan from the South region. Bret will involved with coordinating from the North East. We also realize most of you will be trailering your car's and trying to coordinate and stay together for a 13-20 hour ride in trailers may not be practical. If there is not a lot of interest in caravanning we understand. We will look forward to just seeing you there. 

Other good news is we have plenty of time to make decisions on this issue including the most practical highway path and to plan activities for this festive weekend. Please email us with  any suggestions.  We will be updating every month as we draw closer to this historic event.  

Our best to all of you,

Steve, Bret, & TR



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